Product Updates

Banzai Badges: A New Feature

Students in Banzai can now earn small awards called Badges. Improving the user experience is a constant focus for our Product team at Banzai, and we want students to feel like they’re really accomplishing something when they’re spending wisely in the game.

Badges reward students for good behavior and give them better insights into their choices.

For example, the question, “How well am I doing?” is mostly answered at the end, when you win or lose. Features like Upcoming Bills and Credit Report in Plus help, but they were also designed with winning in mind.

Other badges are softer but equally important. Sportsmanship is a surprise badge that reinforces a loyal decision you may make to Jillian, your business partner in Junior.

Not all badges are necessary for winning. The Worry Wart badge is definitely good, but it also teases the player:

Any badge you earn can be recalled by clicking the Badges navigation button. Badges are not a component of winning the game. Rather, they make Banzai a little more fun, more personalized, and more transparent. Some badges can be earned in all three courses (i.e., Junior, Teen, and Plus), and others are earned in just one of the courses.

Keep a lookout, teachers. We’re concepting several more features designed to help players get more insights from their choices while playing Banzai. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas at

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