Easily Manage Your Financial Literacy Program | Banzai & Kadince

If you run a financial literacy program for a bank or credit union, you know how difficult it can be to manage.

Easily Manage Your Financial Literacy Program | Banzai & Kadince

If you run a financial literacy program for a bank or credit union, you know how difficult it can be to manage. Not only do you have to run the program (which is a feat in itself), but you have to track all the data and report to the bank or credit union management. Needless to say, this takes quite some time and effort.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to run a hands-off financial literacy program that impacted thousands of students? And wouldn’t it be even better if all the data you needed was easy to track, manage, and report?

Well, when your bank or credit union uses both Banzai and Kadince, this dream becomes a reality.

Banzai is an online financial literacy program sponsored by banks and credit unions. As a bank or credit union, you can provide this financial education to students and schools in need—as well as account holders and members of your community.

Kadince is community involvement software made specifically for financial institutions. Kadince makes it easy to manage your institution’s investments, donations, events, volunteer hours, and more.

Together, Banzai and Kadince make a powerful team. With these two systems, running your financial literacy program and tracking data will no longer be manual and time consuming. You can relax, knowing your bank or credit union is helping the students and members of your community get the financial education they need (and you have the data to prove it).

So how do Banzai and Kadince work together? Here are some of the top ways to use both Banzai and Kadince for a successful, easy-to-manage financial literacy program.

Manage every part of your program

Every financial literacy program has a lot of moving parts. When you’re able to trim those parts down and keep everything you need in one or two places, your job becomes a lot easier and you have more time to do other things.

With Banzai and Kadince, you can easily manage every part of your financial literacy program. Banzai keeps everything you need to run your program in its own system, so you aren’t tracking lessons, teachers, students, etc. in several different places. And Kadince keeps all your community involvement data in one place. Instead of searching through various binders or spreadsheets for the data you need, everything is stored in one online system.

While Banzai streamlines your program management, Kadince streamlines your data management. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Manage volunteer hours

You know how important it is for bank and credit union employees to volunteer. This is your chance to help the community, make personal connections with potential customers, and even receive CRA credit.

Banzai is entirely online, which means your institution can reach more students and have a wider impact. And Banzai makes it easy for teachers to request presentations or tours from your institution, which typically counts as volunteer hours.

As teachers request presentations, you can track these volunteer hours in Kadince. This makes it easy to gather all the data you need (including who’s volunteering, where, how many people are affected, and more) and report that data to CRA examiners or your management team.

Manage CRA opportunities

If your institution has to report under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), you know how important it is to track all your community involvement efforts, including your financial literacy program.

But tracking and gathering this data is often manual and time-consuming. With Kadince, everything you need for the CRA exam is in one place, instead of being spread throughout various binders and spreadsheets. No more time wasted gathering information. You can relax and spend more time running your institution’s financial literacy program.

And since Banzai makes running your program so easy, you have more time to serve your community in other ways. Sponsoring a school on Banzai may even count for CRA credit.

During Pinnacle Bank's last CRA exam, the examiner agreed to count Banzai as a community development service. Pinnacle Bank received credit for the money they invested in the program and the hours bank employees spent with students giving presentations requested by the teacher. While CRA credit is never guaranteed, when you carefully track the data—which you can easily do with Kadince—you are able to show examiners how your program has impacted LMI communities.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to use Banzai and Kadince together.

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