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Financial Literacy Month: A Software Option for Teachers

April is generally a time for new beginnings and change.

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That change could also include your financial well-being. Since April is National Financial Literacy Month, the financial well-being we all strive for is the focus of the national campaign, with an extra effort to spread awareness to teachers about a free literacy program available to them – all thanks to local sponsors.

LAFCU and the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) have stepped forward in the Lansing area to sponsor Banzai, a software platform that introduces students to adult financial dilemmas.

“The Banzai program sponsored by LAFCU is fantastic for high school students to learn about budgeting in a real-world setting. My students really get into the game and have great conversations about paying

bills and the financial consequences of their choices,” said Stacy Surato, an Eaton Rapids Public Schools teacher.

Terra Watson from Gardner Academy shares the same appreciation for the program.

“I am using this program as part of an after-school program I have started at Gardner Academy. Upon completion of the online activities, students will develop a business plan and execute it. The businesses will be things they create such as shirts, hats, bags, and music. Some students have selected to do after school bake sales,” said Watson. “The goal is to encourage these students to think financially responsible early.”

As one of the sponsors, MSUFCU feels supporting the community is a top priority. Whitney Anderson-Harell, chief community development officer for MSUFCU, said, “Learning how to responsibly manage money is important in all stages of life. MSUFCU is excited to work with a partner that has a great platform for learning that gives students the opportunity to develop skills to make positive financial decisions. Our financial educators follow up each session with additional information, which creates a great partnership.”

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Banzai interactive courses are fun and FREE. Go ahead.