New Teacher’s Guide

Banzai is eager to announce the release of our new and improved Teacher’s Guide!

Five months ago we added a vocabulary section to the Life Scenarios student booklet, and now…it’s your turn. This revamped guide offers talking points to inspire class discussion and helps your students get the most out of the program.

To order the new Teacher’s Guide, log in to your teacher account and click “order booklets”.

It’s longer! Many Banzai teachers have already implemented the Teacher’s Guide; but good news… the new booklet went from 16 to 32 pages! There’s extra information and additional questions to ask your students about each scenario.

Merged getting started guide. We’ve merged the contents of the Getting Started Guide and the Teacher’s Edition of Life Scenarios into a single, simple booklet.

Updated 3rd party content. The most important parts of the guide are the links we’ve prepared directing you to quality, third-party financial literacy resources. In other words, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you: for each scenario, you’ll find a link to a website designed to supplement your lectures or engage your students in activities.

As time goes on, of course, these resources change, go stale, or fall behind in relevance. We’ve reviewed every resource in the booklet and replaced them with newer, fresher content.

Updated for a new world. We’ve also rewritten the booklet to reflect changes in the economy since the guide was originally released. For example, scenario #5 provides an appropriate tip amount for a restaurant or taxi driver that better reflects changes in rising prices.

Frequently Asked Questions. Finally, we’ve added FAQs for common questions, like, “How do I sign up my students?”, and “Where is my class code?”

To order your new Teacher’s Guide, log in to your teacher account and click “order booklets”.

For more information, please email or call 888–822–6924. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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