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New Teen and Plus Workbooks

Announcing NEW Teen and Plus printed workbooks! Now teachers will have access to printed workbooks designed to complement the Teen and Plus courses.

New Teen and Plus Workbooks

Each of the workbooks are made up of challenging yet fun questions, games, and word problems that help students think critically about finances and apply the concepts they learn through Banzai games, articles, and calculators to real-life scenarios.

Teen Workbook

The Teen Workbook is designed for students ages 13–18 and complements the Banzai Teen course (Life Scenarios and the game). Students do NOT need the Teen Workbook to go through the course. In fact, the first four sections of the workbook are completely independent of Life Scenarios and the game, providing additional instruction and education. The last section “Beyond Banzai Teen,” is for students to further consider the concepts they learned in Life Scenarios and the game.

Plus Workbook

The Plus Workbook was created for students that are 16 or older and complements the Plus course. Like the Teen Workbook, the first four sections of the Plus Workbook can be used separately from the game. “Beyond Banzai Plus,” the last section, is for students that have finished game.

Educators can choose between the Teen Workbook, the Plus Workbook, or the Jr. Activity Kit to use in their classroom. Banzai will send these printed materials free of charge thanks to the generosity of local sponsors. To order, log in to and click Booklets, located at the top of the page. Downloadable versions and answer keys are available in the Toolkit. You can also download online versions here: Jr. Activity Kit, Teen Workbook, Plus Workbook.

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