Teacher Signups in the Wake of COVID-19

Many banks and credit unions are eagerly asking how closures and schools going online have impacted teachers and their efforts to teach Banzai.

Teacher Signups in the Wake of COVID-19

These two charts map new teacher signups: the first shows signups daily for the last 21 days; the second, signups week by week. There have been over 600 new teacher signups this week alone, and the week is only half over!

Teacher signups in the wake of closures and schools going online.

This isn’t the entire story, obviously, but teachers are clearly seeking out financial education solutions that can be taught remotely.

We predict that, for as long as the U.S. follows strict containment practices, and coronovirus remains unsolved by treatment, this trend will keep pace. Stay tuned! We’re working hard on more solutions to ensure teachers have as many curriculum tools at their remote fingertips as possible.

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