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Accentra Sponsors Financial Education in Schools

Accentra Credit Union is sponsoring financial education classes into area schools, using a program from Banzai.

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The credit union has reached out to 17 area schools and 20 teachers, mostly at the middle and high school levels. The program educated around 500 students last school year on topics including the importance of savings, the dangers of debt, managing money, and budgeting.

Accentra CEO Paul Knorr cited a lessening of parental guidance about finances, dangerous spending habits, and increasing credit card debt among teens as reasons why the program is important for students.

“There’s always a need to save. Whether you’re saving for college, a car, a house, or even retirement, not saving limits future options,” Knorr said.

The program is concentrated on Freeborn, Mower, Olmsted, and Winona counties. It consists of four parts: a pre-test, Life Scenarios, The Game, and a post test, which usually take 2-4 class periods in total. In elementary schools, computer programs are utilized to teach students basic finance principles.

Knorr emphasized that students’ finance choices in the teen years are important because they can affect decisions and opportunities for the rest of their lives. “We want to educate them to head in the right direction and succeed financially,” he said.

Teachers interested in using the Banzai program can visit or call 888-8-BANZAI.

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