Banzai Has a New Home—!

As you may have noticed, Banzai has moved to a brand new domain:

As you may have noticed, Banzai has moved to a brand new domain:

Banzai — The Life Literacy Company

For 15 years Banzai has helped people become better stewards of their finances. While doing so, we’ve watched how intertwined personal finance becomes in other aspects of an individual’s education. For this reason Banzai has stretched its curriculum to include complementary subjects such as digital wellness, staying safe on the internet, and preparing for the cost of college.

Not only is simpler, but it supports this evolution toward life literacy—the ability to successfully navigate all practical aspects of a fulfilling life.

We have many more exciting curriculum announcements to make in coming days. You’re going to love it.

What does this mean for

All existing links will continue to work indefinitely. You can expect each of the following services to continue functioning as normal:

  • [YourSubdomain]
  • [YourSubdomain]* (for Direct partners)
  • Embedded calculators and Coach sessions (for Direct partners)

Each link above (and all of their derivatives) will permanently redirect to* or [YourSubdomain]*. Search engine traffic will also redirect as expected.

We encourage you to begin updating links on your website to, but you do not have to—we intend to support indefinitely. As noted above, the legacy links will permanently redirect.

What other benefits does bring? is easier to share and easier to remember. More importantly, the new domain strengthens Banzai’s brand, which, in turn, strengthens yours. It will drive greater levels of traffic to your Teacher Impact and Wellness Center pages.

For Direct partners, the simpler domain emphasizes that Banzai’s educational products are intended to be used at home too, not just in the classroom.

Questions or Troubleshooting

If you encounter problems with your links, your login pages, or anything Banzai-related whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately: we’ll get it resolved. While we’re confident that the switch has gone smoothly, we’re eager to resolve edge-case bugs.

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