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Brighton CSD Uses Software to Teach Students Financial Literacy

The Brighton Central School District is continuing a financial literacy program helping students get a head start on important life skills.

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Teachers in Brighton are using a free literacy program called “Banzai” to educate kids how to manage their money.

Now the program is a software platform designed to introduce students to adult financial issues.

It features real-life scenarios to illustrate the concepts in a meaningful way. Brighton is introducing this program to high school students for its fourth year in a row.

Business teacher Michael Blake tells us its giving his students a better understanding of the importance of budgeting-preparing for emergencies and spending responsibly.

Michael Blake: “In our society today you have credit card debt that is 1.5 trillion outstanding, there’s student loan debt that is similar numbers, in the trillions of dollars and they need to know early the value of where their money is going.”

This program is being made available for free by Pittsford Federal Credit Union — who is sponsoring this platform to nine local schools in our area.

Banzai interactive courses are fun and FREE. Go ahead.