Codeless Signup via Email

Signing your class up for Banzai just got easier! Rather than sending students a code, you can now send a direct link to their email. All your students have to do is click it to join your class.

Codeless Signup via Email

Signup Options

When you go to add students to your class in the teacher dashboard, you’ll now be given two options: send an email or send the code. Selecting “Send the Code” will give you the classic way for students to join your class, which is a class code that they will need to enter when they sign up.

If you choose to send an email, all you’ll need to do is paste your student’s email addresses into the box. Once you hit send, your students will be sent a one-time link that will allow them to join your class.

Student Privacy

Banzai does not store student emails used for codeless email signup. After the emails are sent, student emails will immediately be removed from Banzai’s system.

Remote Teaching

Codeless email signup will be a particularly helpful tool for teachers whose classes are completely remote or have hybrid teaching models. The interface takes care of all the hard work for you and makes it simple to get students signed up even if they aren’t in the room or instruction is happening on different schedules.

To try the new codeless signup feature, login to the teacher dashboard at

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