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Credit Union Teaches Local Students How to Handle Money

BILLINGS –April is Financial Youth Literacy month so representatives from Altana Federal Credit Union are teaching local students how to handle their money wisely.

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Spend, share and save — Those are the basic concepts that Altana Federal Credit Union’s Heidi Knudson taught Arrowhead Elementary students today.

Throughout April, Knudson and others from the credit union will be talking with local students about money.

Knudson says even though the teaching strategies differ between age groups, the concept remains the same.

“They’re learning about money and coin recognition and those things right now, but as they go, I’ll have talked to kindergarten through high school within the last month. The concepts are obviously a little bit different that the kindergartners versus the highschoolers, but the financial literacy piece of it is such a key learning component for all youth to learn,” says Knudson.

By the end of April, Knudson believes she will have talked to more than 2,000 students from Columbus to Lockwood.

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