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Financial Education Introduced at Senior High School

BILLINGS – A Senior High School teacher brings financial education to the classroom.

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Heide Mankin, Family Life Educator, said it’s important students have a grasp on budgeting. She said once students move out on their own, they have no idea how to budget between food, gas, and cell phones. Mankin said budgeting comes with time and practice.

“They can see, well we’re taking this portion of our paycheck and putting it here and this portion we’re putting it here. Again it’s taking this stuff and applying it to their real life,” said Mankin.

Heidi Knudson, Altana Business Developer, said “Prioritizing their budgeting decisions based on, you know, food, shelter, those things need to come first before entertainment, which is really hard for the kids at this age to make decisions.”

Knudson said she believes financial education in the classroom, is where it’s going to happen first. She said no one likes to talk about money at home and it’s never too early to learn about financial literacy and budgeting. The earlier they get the message out, the more practice students have.

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