Product Updates

Updated Student & Grading Interfaces

On January 13th, 2023, Banzai launches a change to how courses are organized in the student interface. In addition to this change, the filters in the Grading Interface have been updated to include category and course filters.

Updated Student & Grading Interfaces

Banzai curricula has been rapidly growing over the years and so much of that new curriculum is yet to be released. All the new activities, courses, and downloadable content for not only Banzai Junior, Teen, and Plus but also Digital Citizenship and College & Careers need to have a place to go when they're ready for release.

What Are Course Categories?

Each Banzai course is placed into a category based on what learning objectives it covers. As of now, Banzai has a total of five course categories: Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, Banzai Plus, College and Careers, and Digital Citizenship. Along with the courses, each category has a series of activities, articles, and assessments curated to fully cover the subject.

The Updated Student Interface

The home page of the student interface or the "student view" still showcases the main categories: Digital Citizenship, College & Careers, Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, and Banzai Plus.

Once a user selects a category (either the teacher in the student view or a student in the student interface or dashboard), a second page appears called the category page that lists all the resources available for that category or teaching topic—including applicable courses, downloads, and articles

Teachers and students can access the third page called the "course page" by selecting a course within the category page. This newest feature is one of the most crucial parts of the update and is what ultimately gives Banzai the space and organization to add new, course-centered content in the future.

As shown below, there are now three main courses included in the College and Careers category—Scholarships has been moved to be a subcourse of Paying for College. A student has access to each course's pretests, posttests, subcourses, and games when they click on a course at the top of the category page.

Pre- & posttests are now available for each individual course rather than being limited to broader  categories. For example, there were only five test pairings available—one for Junior, Teen, Plus, Digital Citizenship, and College & Careers—now there are 10—one for each course within the five categories.

Changes to the Grading Interface

The new grading interface comes equipped with both a category and a course filter to help teachers assess a student's performance in each individual course within a course category.

When teachers want to check how each of their students are performing, they can click the name of that student. This will take them to the “Student Page.” From there, the teacher can see more detail of the student’s choices in the course and tests by filtering to the appropriate resource.

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