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Interactive Literacy Program Starting Central Illinois Students Young, Helping Budget

More than 60 schools throughout central Illinois are using an interactive program that’s starting students young and helping them budget called Banzai!

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“It prepares them for the future and the choices that they’ll have to make with their own money,” said Holly Cox, Assistant Principal at Sugar Creek Elementary School.

“This is great for students, for their future, it’s great for teachers because it’s easy to use and ties in your curriculum,” Cox continued. “It’s great for parents because it brings up in a fun way that conversation you need to have about saving and spending your money and preparing your children for real life.”

So, a win-win for everyone, and making the topic of gree a bit more colorful, and a lot less scary.

Mid-Illini Credit Union in Bloomington partnered with the financial literacy program to bring it free for anyone and everyone locally to use. It’s teaching lessons on saving for college, paying certain bills, and helping kids make those smarter decisions.

“It’s meant to take some of the fears out of the equation,” said Robin Juhler, Vice President of Lending for Mid Illini Credit Union.

“Those are the types of discussions that Banzai touches upon but also begins the conversation at the kitchen table so that parents can begin to discuss,” said Juhler.

So while money might not grow on trees, education is booming on Banzai.

“I think it’s great. It’s a free program, very easy to use, I think it just opens up the possibilities for the future,” said Cox.

Banzai interactive courses are fun and FREE. Go ahead.