Join Banzai for an Exciting Product Unveiling

On July 22 and 23, Banzai will host two webinars for bank and credit union partners. Co-founders Morgan Vandagriff and Kendall Buchanan will reveal an exciting overhaul of Banzai’s software.

They will discuss how the coming improvements will help your institution capture better data about website visitors.

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Specifically, Banzai will unveil the Financial Wellness Center as well as the Coach — two new products designed to encourage potential customers to share their goals with you, think deeply about their finances, and find answers to their stickiest financial questions.

We will show you why these new products are the most exciting financial education tools Banzai has ever built.

Who Should Attend?

We encourage everyone involved with financial literacy at your organization to attend one of the webinar events, including Management, Marketing, Community Development, and participating branch managers.

We also invite representatives from banks and credit unions who do not yet partner with Banzai to attend.

What’s the Webinar About?

The webinar will cover the the following topics:

User Behavior and Data. We will discuss how an upcoming overhaul of Banzai Direct will empower your institution to capture better leads and give you greater insights into what your potential customers are looking for.

The Coach. We will unveil the Coach, a financial education tool unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The webinar will show you how the Coach helps individuals reflect on their actual finances, with real numbers.

Financial Wellness Center. We will also reveal plans for the upcoming Financial Wellness Center, a centralized, online vault for calculators and Coach sessions where users can set financial goals and find answers to their pressing financial questions.

Embedded Tooling. You’ve seen Banzai’s calculators. This webinar will show you how you can embed these calculators on your bank or credit union home page. We will even discuss plans to let users save their results and share them with you!

Content Marketing and Lead Generation. Finally, we will review the increased importance of content marketing in a modern economy, and show how Banzai’s new software upgrades will help bring in even more leads.

Register for the Webinar

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