Product Updates

Product Updates - August 2022

So many updates, such little time! Don't miss out on these exciting Banzai changes.

Product Updates - August 2022

Course Page Redesign

Now, when a course category is opened, students not only see the course breakdown—pre-& post-tests and course options—but they also see a slew of related downloads and library resources like articles, calculators, etc.

Coach Offer Updates

Offers are a great way for you to connect with your members. Especially now that we've added the ability for Coach offers to include custom links, instead of an email opt-in form.

New Decision Tree

Teachers can now track the pathways their students take as they complete the College Alternatives Course.

Updated Workbooks

The newest Banzai workbooks are 100% offline and filled with updated activities and learning objectives—economics, supply & demand, filling out a W4, etc. Digital versions of the workbooks are also accessible in the teacher toolkit!

Updated Teacher's Guide

By adding the newly released courses, updating copy, and making edits based on teacher feedback, the new Teacher Guidebook is sure to help teachers truly grasp how financial literacy education benefits their classroom.

5 New Wellness Center Articles

Right now is a great time to help people understand how to lower expenses, budget for high inflation, and understand some stock market basics.

Here's a list of new & relevant articles that will help communities become more financially aware.

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