Product Updates

Product Updates - February 2022

Banzai is consistently releasing new product features, updates, and enhancements to our teachers, students, and sponsors every month. February's release included several new modules, articles, assets, and materials.

Product Updates - February 2022

New Modules

  • Scholarships Module (Beta release): This module delves into all of the ways in which a student can pay for their secondary education. This module will be found in the student application.
  • Paying For College Module (Beta release): This module dives deep into the scholarships topic, including best places to look for them and tips for applying. This module will be found in the student application.
  • Digital Wellness Module (Beta release): This module asks students a series of questions surrounding four main aspects of digital health: physical, intellectual, mental, and social. This module will be found in the student application.

Updated Marketing Materials

Three of the most recent coaches received updated marketing assets, including social media posts, web banners, and a trifold. These materials can be found in the Manager application.

Wellness Center Articles

Two new articles have been added and are available in the Wellness Center.

  • Stock Market Basics: Investing remains one of the four cornerstones of a strong financial foundation. Learning how to do it can be both achievable and rewarding.
  • What Is Net Worth: Net worth isn’t just the amount of money that you have or make; it’s actually all of your current assets (cash, real estate, etc.) minus your liabilities (debt, mortgages, expenses, etc.).

A new, more consistent footer design was released site wide. Helpful information for schools, parents, sponsors, and businesses are included, as well as a link to our accessibility statement which highlights Banzai's commitment to providing an accessible website that serves all schools, financial institutions, and families.

Outreach Fliers

New fliers catering to financial education teachers, guidance counselors, computer teachers, and more have been created and will be shipping to schools soon.

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