Product Updates

Product Updates - June 2022

Banzai has made some exciting updates! Here are some of our newest products and resources.

Product Updates - June 2022

Banzai has made some exciting updates! Here are some of our newest products and resources.

How to Weather an Economic Storm Assessment

It's common for users to worry about whether or not they're prepared for the worst-case scenario. Rising interest rates paired with economic uncertainty have people asking questions they might not have otherwise asked. How to Weather an Economic Storm is the newest assessment in the Banzai library and was created to help users ask and get answers to the right questions. Each user will walk away knowing how much they'll need for an emergency fund, where their retirement will get them, and what rising interest rates and prices mean for them.

Want to play through this Coach? Here's the link!

Topic Page Overview:

To improve user experience, we've added overview paragraphs to all topic pages. This added feature will make it easier for partners to share targeted resources with their community.

Check out one of the pages here.

Soft Skills Worksheet Collection:

Soft skills are a hot commodity in life—they're needed for everyday communication like business relationships, peer interactions, and intrafamily communication. These five worksheets are meant to help students build soft skills like interpersonal communication, leadership & teamwork abilities, stress management, and more.

Cost of College Landing Page:

We've updated the Banzai site to reflect the growth we've shared as a whole by including a list of all of the Cost of College Unit Courses with detailed descriptions, run time, and the key topics for each course.

Check it out on our live site here.

ADA Updates:

As part of our commitment to ensure that our users—no matter their age, situation, or abilities—can use Banzai resources with ease, we've been auditing and implementing important disability features. The most recent changes included adding alt text or text that screen readers will read aloud to provide a spoken representation of images and spot illustrations within all Banzai courses and articles.

College Alternatives Course:

A college degree isn’t the only pathway toward a successful career which is why Banzai has written a course titled College Alternatives that highlights alternative education options including apprenticeships, trade schools, joining the military, entrepreneurship, and tech Bootcamp.

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