Product Updates

Product Updates — October 2022

Banzai's back bringing you the latest products and improvements: new articles, new collections, and more.

Product Updates — October 2022

Reward Updates

Rewards allow Banzai Direct partners to incentivize members to visit, read, or complete specific content within the Wellness Center. Previously, the customization of a Reward's text was limited to plain text without breaks. But recently, Banzai has implemented a way for the Reward description box to accept html. This means Sponsors can now split up text, bold text, and/or customize text within the limits of html.

Your Banzai representative enters or updates the content within your Wellness Center so feel free to reach out if you'd like to add or make changes to your existing Rewards content.

Reward Description Example

New Spanish Collection:

Banzai translated 10 of our most visited articles into Spanish! Now you can share or feature our new Spanish article collection: Fundamentos Financieros en Español. If you'd like to feature this collection, talk to your Banzai representative or check out the full collection here.

An example of Spanish Collection & an article within it.

The following is a list of all 10 articles and their translated titles (Explore the Spanish versions by clicking the links below):

Digital Citizenship Landing Page Updates:

The Digital Citizenship Landing Page looks a tad bit different: Summaries, grade levels, and key topics for each available Digital Citizenship Course are now listed in an easy to read way.

Check out the new landing page here.

3 New Wellness Center Articles:

Lots of new and timely content was covered in this latest update including these three new articles (Links are provided below the image):

Article Examples
Banzai interactive courses are fun and FREE. Go ahead.