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Teachers and Financial Advisers Recommend Teaching Kids Basic Finance Early

Being able to manage a household finance is an important skill to have as a responsible adult, but there are even adults today that have trouble knowing basic banking and investing.

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Sunrise 7 spoke with Sue Campbell of Central City Credit Union and Brian Bauer, Technology Teacher at John Muir Middle School as they encourage financial literacy at an early age.

Campbell said she has notice adults that walk into her office for advice often do not know the basics of savings. She said how parents handle their money reflects on their children. Bauer said he teaches those basic savings principles to his students along with other financial issues kids will eventually come across, such as credit.

Bauer and Campbell both agree, parents can help their children to understand how finances work by including them on the process and showing their kids what their own situation is and how they handle it, however that means parents need to be practicing responsible financing as well.

Campbell said Central City Credit Union is also working with Banzai, a software program designed to introduce students to adult financial dilemmas, such as managing debt. For details on how this can be used in your classroom, or how to get an adviser to demonstrate to your class, contact your local Central City Credit Union.

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