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Wellness Center Additions - October 2020

New content is always being added to your Wellness Center. This month, the additions allow you to address even more of your customer’s concerns—both those that are timely and have to do with the effects of COVID-19 and that that are timeless and will always be on the top of people’s minds.

Wellness Center Additions - October 2020


Coach: Saving With a Purpose

Everyone has goals that they want to reach, but few people are actively working toward them. This Coach helps users solidify their goals and shows them how to save with a purpose and create a plan to reach them.


Reasons to Refinance

Now may be a great time for your customers to refinance. This article highlights some of the benefits of doing so while also making your customers aware of the potential trade-offs.

Leaving a Job with a 401(K)

Your customers have four options for what to do with the money they’ve accumulated when they leave a job with a 401(k). This article highlights each option and informs them of the pros and cons of each.

Recognizing and Avoiding Scams

Scammers are constantly doing all they can to take advantage of your customers. You can help them stay safe with the information in this article. It outlines red flags and common traps that they should be on the lookout for.

Opening Your First Bank Account

What do your potential customers need to know about opening their first bank account? This article will walk them through it all, including the different types of accounts they can open, how interest works, and what they need to open an account.


Rent Affordability Calculator

This calculator not only helps users determine how much they can afford to pay for rent each month, but takes it a step further by demonstrating where they fall within the recommended cap of 25% of their monthly income going toward rent.

HELOC Estimation Calculator

Users can easily estimate their potential HELOC limit with this calculator. It takes into consideration their home value and how much they owe on their mortgage. It then allows them to estimate a max acceptable LTV to get their potential limit.

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