Partner Webinar: Announcing a New Content Marketing Solution

On September 19, 20, and 21, Banzai will host a webinar for bank and credit union partners to announce a new addition to its adult program. This new product will make ROI—and the ability to measure it—a centerpiece of Banzai’s community-facing product.

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Specifically, we’ll reveal how to conduct a content marketing campaign for adults using a brand-new, turn-key tool. As a financial institution, you are the financial leader in the community. Banzai will help you generate leads while creating a culture of financial education.

Content Marketing and Lead Generation

Content marketing is the art of generating leads by giving people something useful, for free. The key phrase is giving away something useful. An existing account holder who learns The Cost of a Mortgage, from you, is in an ideal position to ask you about your interest rates.

On the webinar we will talk about:

Banzai’s new library of financial resources for adults including articles, calculators, and activities, that were designed from the ground up for content marketing. Having a library of high-quality, ready-made resources makes executing a content strategy So. Much. Easier.

How Banzai’s new library will promote your products and capture leads via Calls to Action (CTAs). What good is a content strategy that fails to create conversations with real people? We’ll show how Banzai’s resource library not only encourages readers to spend time on your website, it also generates leads you can touch.

Analyzing your ROI and following up. We’ll discuss how, using the Banzai Manager, you can track, measure, and follow up with your flow of leads. You can also be notified of new leads in real time.

A new how-to guide for content marketing. We’ve also developed a step-by-step how-to guide for content marketing and financial education. The guide will show how to effectively market your new library via email, social media, and in printed collaterals.

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